If you love ice cream and chocolate, there’s a new address in town you’ll want to visit, stat! While walking in the ‘hood a couple days ago, I discovered that Magnum Ice Cream just opened a pop-up shop in Toronto on June 28 that will exist for only a month. Officially called the “Magnum Pleasure Store” (minds out of the gutter, people!), you can customize an ice cream bar complete with dip and unlimited toppings for $6 (including tax). But remember, it’ll only be around until July 28, 2013. To get you prepped, here’s everything you need to know about creating your own Magnum.

Wanna know where to go, how to make one and how much it is? Read on for the delectable deets.

Remember that time you ate a bacon donut, sipped wine and ogled paintings by the Group of Seven? No? Then let me introduce you to 1st Thursdays at the Art Gallery of Ontario (317 Dundas St. West). It happens on the first Thursday night of every month when the gallery is transformed into a 19+ party for over 2,000 art lovers complete with DJs, drinks, snacks and performances.

It’s also a thoroughly enjoyable way to see their current collection from 6:30-11pm with the discounted price tag of $10 (regular adult admission is $19.50). Be warned that so far tickets always sell out in advance and next month’s event, An Evening of Word and Sound with Patti Smith, is already sold out. Your next best bet is to to buy a ticket to April’s edition when they go on sale March 8.

Love art, but not on an empty stomach? Read on to see the food is offered at 1st Thursdays.

Sometimes it takes just one bite to realize you’re experiencing a life-changing food moment. The last time I remember feeling this way was at Schwartz’s consuming a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich. Today’s revelation involved my inaugural bite of Korean Fried Chicken from Galleria Supermarket (865 York Mills Rd, entrance on Upjohn Rd). Pictured above is an order of Half Seasoned Chicken ($11.99).

What makes this fried chicken better than the rest? Read on for all the saucy details.

Nope, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That ain’t a pile of noodles the delicious pork shoulder is leaning against. It’s shredded cheese. Shredded Swiss cheese in fact. But don’t worry, the delicious fresh ramen noodles are immediately below. So feast your peepers on a steaming bowl of Cheese Ramen ($10.80) found at the recently opened Kinton Ramen (51 Baldwin St.) by the good folks at Guu Izakaya.

Still don’t believe your eyes? Find out what happens when this ooey, gooey mess gets mixed in with the broth.

A few weeks back I took a closer look at Yogurty’s (527 Bloor St. West & various locations), the newest frozen yogurt shop to open in the Annex. It’s the place for self-serve frozen yogurt and DIY toppings. And while there’s a seemingly endless supply of  nuts, candies, chocolates and gooey syrups to pour over your fro-yo, there’s always the danger of overindulging and discovering your once dainty bowl now packs a load of calories and costs a whooping $9 (priced by weight at 55 cents per ounce).

Read on to find out how to create the fro-yo bowl of your dreams.

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